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GLAD is an online magazine with a DIFFERENCE. It is an experience-sharing online platform that is the solution to questions of day-to-day LIFE.  GLAD encourages us to voice out our thoughts & learnings that are inspired by real-life events. 


Comparison between existing "information-providing" online websites and GLAD:


Answers.com marries the best of community-driven questions and answers with hundreds of respected and trusted editorial reference books. The site knows the best answer to give you, whether it summons the expansive, ever-growing collection of community answers from WikiAnswers, or it taps into its ReferenceAnswers database, a comprehensive set of editorial, licensed reference topics.


GLAD believes in learning from experience, which is sometimes known as wisdom. The site does not search online databases/ online journals/ or any documented online references, to answer to queries. GLAD seeks to be the one stop inspiration portal, which provides wisdom acquired from the learnings of people like us living anywhere in the world and having internet connection (to connect to the internet and express to inspire). If you are a student, and need any sort of inspiration, please post your query to the 'contact form' of GLAD. Also, if you have an experience that you think would inspire someone else, please Join Glad, and submit your written document for publication.   



Wikipedia is a multilingual, web-based, free-content encyclopedia project based on an openly editable model. The name "Wikipedia" is a portmanteau of the words wiki (a technology for creating collaborative websites, from the Hawaiian word wiki, meaning "quick") and encyclopedia. Wikipedia's articles provide links to guide the user to related pages with additional information. Wikipedia is a remarkable pool of human knowledge,  with the simple purpose of sharing information & knowledge. It is free of charge, and it is free of advertising. 


GLAD is also free of charge, and free of advertising. However, it is not an "information" sharing portal, but rather a wisdom providing platform. Each content is based on original experiences (of day-to-day life) shared by everyone. Contents are not editable, and are personally contributed by individuals from all over the world. If you are a working professional/ retired professional/ housewife/ Others, please come forward and Join Glad. We believe that everyone has got experiences that have the potential to inspire someone else in this world. Your experiences are valuable to all of us in finding our answers. Sharing your experiences would provide us the much-needed wisdom to live a life full with INNER PEACE. And if you have any query, please post it to the 'contact form' of GLAD.


GLAD believes that, if each one of us come together and share our individual experiences, we will indeed make a difference in the world by helping each other in living a peaceful life. Our experiences have many dimensions: some are depressing yet meaningful in making the decision about taking the next step in life, some are delightful and add to the existing happiness & wisdom, some are shocking yet take us closer to hard realities of life & its uncertainty, some are mere observations that make us think about the power of common sense in daily life, so on and so forth. GLAD aims at collating all of our EXPERIENCES, because it believes sharing of experiences makes difference to human lives.

GLAD is categorized into six Categories with two Sub-Categories each. When we click on each of the Sub-Categories, we will find "About" articles that mention the details about 'how we can contribute'. GLAD is a unique online platform, and the first one of its own kind in the world.


Let's Express to Inspire !!


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